Cross Care Direct Family Medicine was founded with a specific purpose. We are here to provide personalized professional primary care services through a unique medical model called Direct Primary Care (DPC). Direct Primary Care allows the development of a close relationship DIRECTLY between the patient and the doctor, without having insurance companies or the government obstructing progress.

At Cross Care Direct YOU are the focus. There’s no wasted time or money spent verifying insurance coverage, processing insurance claims or disputing billing charges with the doctor’s office or a third-party payer. You spend more time with your doctor, focusing on the issues that matter to you most – your overall health and well-being. By using this model to provide primary care, Cross Care Direct eliminates inflated billing and therefore lowers costs. Cross Care Direct offers comprehensive preventive services (including annual physical exams) and management of chronic medical illnesses and acute care services by way of an affordable annual or monthly fixed-rate fee.

We invite you to check out Cross Care Direct Family Medicine if you are ready for improved quality of care, you want more time with a doctor that focuses on you and you want to be treated with “modern medicine with an old-fashioned twist”.