Frequently Asked Questions

So how can I receive good care without using my insurance?

You can become a member of the clinic by paying a monthly (or annual) membership fee.   This fee allows you to receive primary care services, including one annual physical exam throughout the year. You also have after hours access to your doctor and availability of same day or next day appointments.

Does CrossCare Direct accept any insurance or Medicare?

No. By not accepting insurance through our practice, we are able to provide high quality affordable care without interference from insurance companies or third-party government payers. By leaving out the insurance for your basic primary care services, we are able to offer significant cost savings to you and the decision-making about your health and well being goes back to those who matter most – you and your doctor.

Since the membership is less expensive than my insurance, can I use this plan as a substitute to my insurance?

No. DPC is not a legal substitute for insurance. We encourage you to keep some form of insurance coverage to avoid tax penalties as deemed necessary by the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare). You also should want to have some form of insurance to cover specialist visits, surgeries and hospitalizations if necessary.