As told by Dr. Harris

It wasn’t enough that many of Martin’s peers had a hard time getting themselves to the
doctor. The old stereotypes, that men can just “muscle through it,” had started to feel
silly to him, personally—but still, Martin was a busy VP at an IT company, and truly
didn’t have the time to make appointments and get into his doctor’s office. Martin even
had pretty good health insurance, but felt like he could never use it.

Looking at how much he and his wife were paying in insurance off their monthly
paychecks, the two of them decided to make some changes one year during open
enrollment. Martin’s wife had heard about direct primary care, a membership-based
model where you get better and more flexible access to your doctor, and usually for
less. She signed them both up, and they became new members of the Cross Care
Direct family at my clinic.

Even though they could get care absolutely whenever they needed it, Martin still had
no time. And, accustomed to the old model of phone calls, appointments scheduled
weeks out, plus long waits at the office, it was a year before he thought to contact me.

What happened
Martin was in Seattle on business, as busy as ever. He’d been traveling a lot, and
when he unexpectedly developed a cough, he thought it must be the flu. When he
started to feel unusually tired and short of breath, however, he thought of Cross Care

Looking up the number to the telemedicine line, Martin called in and spoke directly to
me. We connected over webcam in an e-visit, where I was finally able to meet him
virtually after he’d belonged to our family for more than a year. I asked him some
questions. I performed a remote examination via our webcam connection. And then I
directed him to the nearest ER.

As it turns out, Martin had a blood clot in his right lung—an unseen problem that could
have cost him his life. And he had been suspecting it was just the flu.

The trust Martin was able to build immediately in our clinic, without even having set foot
through my door, is an example of what direct primary care offers patients. And the
gratitude and pride I feel for offering all-hours help and e-visits after learning what had
come to pass with Martin is something I won’t soon forget.

The best Martin or any other business professional can do is become a part of the
Cross Care Direct family. Executives and traveling business people alike, direct
primary care gives us the flexibility and the capacity to give you the care you need, and
whenever you need it.

E-visits have been especially revolutionary in the care we provide, giving patients
access to quick questions and care while they’re away or unable to come in. Joining
Cross Care Direct is more than joining a clinic; we call it joining our family, because
we’re able to develop these relationships built on more trust and confidence than
people have grown accustomed to in today’s healthcare market.

I’m Dr. Jackie Harris of Cross Care Direct, where we focus on the care…not the
Dr. Harris Researching for a patient