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  1. Your doctor talks: Our patients are our family

    #CCDFamily welcome to this week’s installment of Your Doctor Talks! In this leg of interviews with Dr. Harris, she talks about how Cross Care Direct is able to deliver the extraordinary care we’re known for. Some of you might remember the days of direct-pay arrangements with doctors. These were also the days of house visits…

  2. Your doctor talks: What makes Cross Care Direct Family Medicine different

    #CCDFamily welcome to the next installment of Your Doctor Talks interviews with Dr. Harris! This week, you’ll hear the short and sweet answer to what makes Cross Care Direct really different. Dr. Harris speaks directly to her experience leading up to Cross Care, and she talks about what’s changed since.   What’s surprising about Dr….

  3. Your doctor talks: The direct pay model from pre-insurance era meets cutting-edge care under DPC

    #CCDFamily last week we started a series of one-on-one interviews with Dr. Harris, and this week we’re excited to bring you the second video. If you’re already a part of the Cross Care Direct family, these videos could answer some of the questions you might not think to ask during an appointment. And for those…