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  1. Your doctor talks: Our patients are our family

    #CCDFamily welcome to this week’s installment of Your Doctor Talks! In this leg of interviews with Dr. Harris, she talks about how Cross Care Direct is able to deliver the extraordinary care we’re known for. Some of you might remember the days of direct-pay arrangements with doctors. These were also the days of house visits…

  2. Your doctor talks: What makes Cross Care Direct Family Medicine different

    #CCDFamily welcome to the next installment of Your Doctor Talks interviews with Dr. Harris! This week, you’ll hear the short and sweet answer to what makes Cross Care Direct really different. Dr. Harris speaks directly to her experience leading up to Cross Care, and she talks about what’s changed since.   What’s surprising about Dr….

  3. $69 for stitches Saturday at 10pm – Dr. Harris’ Favorite Cross Care Direct Story

      #CCDFamily One of the biggest benefits to Direct Primary Care is the direct access you get to your doctor, even outside of regular office hours. Dr. Harris took the idea of direct access a step further by sitting down for a lengthy interview, which was crafted into several videos to talk about why she…