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  1. Your doctor talks: What makes Cross Care Direct Family Medicine different

    #CCDFamily welcome to the next installment of Your Doctor Talks interviews with Dr. Harris! This week, you’ll hear the short and sweet answer to what makes Cross Care Direct really different. Dr. Harris speaks directly to her experience leading up to Cross Care, and she talks about what’s changed since.   What’s surprising about Dr….

  2. Two Cents for a Penny’s Worth: A patient’s conversion to DPC care

    I liked my doctor, I really did. But after another one of our typical, lightning-fast visits where I came in, waited for two hours and then saw her for less than 10 minutes, I ended with a referral to a specialist. Another doctor. That specialist saw me for an equally brief visit, determined my symptoms…

  3. Sam takes control of his health

    Meet Sam Kansas City is a beautiful city full of pleasant and law-abiding residents like Sam. Sam is 41, and he has been working in the local library for over 15 years. He is a very intelligent and diligent man and is greatly appreciated by his friends and co-workers.   Sam’s only problem, as he…