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President Trump Failed to Repeal Obamacare This Time


Voting on the healthcare bill that would revoke the Affordable Care Act got canceled at the last moment. President Trump decided to call it off. He realized he wasn’t getting enough support from the Republicans.


What happened?

The voting in the House of Representatives was going to start any minute when a break was announced. Nobody really knew what was going on.

Paul Ryan, the Speaker of House of Representatives, came out and announced that he and President Trump decided to call the voting off. They realized they weren’t getting the 215 votes from the Republicans they needed. Ryan said that he spoke to President Trump and told him this was the best thing the Speaker could do at the moment. President Trump agreed.

Paul Ryan noted that this was a sad event for them and that doing serious things is always difficult.


What was Trump’s plan?

Repealing Obamacare was one of President Trump’s main promises during his campaign. He spent significant time convincing his fellow Republicans to support him. According to the data, from 28 to 35 members of Trump’s party were still against the reform.

Under the Affordable Care Act most Americans get financial aid from the government. The ACA makes insurance mandatory for most people. If you don’t get it, you’ll have to pay a fine (the average right now is about $995 a year).

Not everyone is happy about this. Many say it is unconstitutional for the government to demand obligatory payments. It is one reason Trump’s ideas elicit such a powerful response.

Trump warned his colleagues, saying the government would stay dependent on Obama’s healthcare unless they vote for this bill.

His strategy does not seem to have worked.


So why wasn’t the President supported?

Paul Ryan said that they were very close to passing the bill. And while many members of the Republican Party voted with them, it wasn’t enough.

Some didn’t vote because they thought the cuts were too severe. Others believed the bill wasn’t written thorough enough.

Trump states that the preparation of the new bill shouldn’t take much time. He expects an even better law will come out of it in the end. He even has expressed hope that the Democrats will support it next time.

In the meantime, Paul Ryan is saying that he is very proud of the President’s bill. He believes that it would have made American health care much better.

In a sharp contrast to Paul Ryan’s feelings, Nancy Pelosi has a different viewpoint. The Democratic leader is very happy about Trump’s decision to withdraw the bill. She says that if the bill had passed, 24 million people would have lost their medical insurance.

What do you think about the changes President Trump is attempting to make? Are you concerned over the attempted changes?

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