#CCDFamily welcome to this week’s installment of Your Doctor Talks! In this leg of interviews with Dr. Harris, she talks about how Cross Care Direct is able to deliver the extraordinary care we’re known for.

Some of you might remember the days of direct-pay arrangements with doctors. These were also the days of house visits and deep doctor-patient relationships. Especially for anyone who grew up in a small area, your doctor was someone everyone knew personally.


If you do remember those days, you probably look on them with sweet nostalgia. But the past of medicine could also be a preview of the future.


What will the future of medicine look like?

When you google “personalized medicine,” the first thing you see will be an article about the Human Genome Project completed in 2003, and the subsequent stir of interest built around genetic predispositions for certain diseases. Theoretically, personal healthcare can be informed by someone’s genetic information.


However, while there are many genetic factors affecting a patient’s likelihood of a certain disease, statistics and probabilities speak to a collective experience—a sum of possibilities. An individual patient can be informed of these numbers, but never told what s/he will or won’t have to treat.


Personalized medicine is now taking on a new role. Especially in light of the changes in healthcare over the last several years, along with the possible impending changes, the need for personalized care is greater than ever.


Healthcare that’s individually personalized is care delivered by a doctor you know and trust—a doctor you count on as family.


Welcome to the future


Cross Care Direct works under the DPC model, which allows us to work directly with you. We don’t have the overhead of the insurance companies, and we’re able to spend all the time we need with each patient. We get the greatest joy of all from developing the relationships that allow us to deliver our idea of the personalized medicine of the future—and we have every intention to model this for providers all around the country.


The genetic research and extensive medical records available to us aren’t a bad thing. In fact, used in combination with attentive and personalized care from your doctor, this is something we aim to capitalize on in healthcare.


But the future is already here. At Cross Care Direct, we treat our patients like family—our patients get no less. This is the future of medicine, and we’re proud to be a part of it.


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