One of the biggest benefits to Direct Primary Care is the direct access you get to your doctor, even outside of regular office hours. Dr. Harris took the idea of direct access a step further by sitting down for a lengthy interview, which was crafted into several videos to talk about why she believes in DPC, and how she came to do what she does.


Dr. Harris speaks articulately and sincerely about what DPC really means for her and her patients. In the first of several videos, those of you who are interested in DPC but haven’t joined the Cross Care family will see greater openness and personal anecdote than you’ve probably ever seen from another doctor.

What does Dr. Harris say about DPC?


Anyone who’s part of the Cross Care Direct family is already accustomed to talking to Dr. Harris, and a two-minute video will be much less than you enjoy in any one visit. However, Dr. Harris talks here at length about the best benefit to DPC care: you get the access to your doctor that you need, whenever you need it.


The story Dr. Harris shares in this video high-lights this unparalleled advantage to the DPC model. The impact this kind of care has specifically on Cross Care Direct patients is not only a financial reality, but provides the emotional assurance that Dr. Harris has their backs.


Get to know Dr. Harris a little by watching this video—you’ll understand why she believes in DPC, and what that means for you.


What are these videos about?


Dr. Harris knows her patients, and you as her patients know Dr. Harris. These videos ask some of the questions about DPC and Cross Care Direct in general that you wouldn’t think to ask at an appointment. And for those who aren’t part of the family yet, this is your opportunity to see what Dr. Harris is all about, and how things work here at the clinic.


Through the course of this month and into the next, we’ll be publishing other videos from this interview so you can get to know Dr. Harris even better. You’ll learn how she came to believe what she believes, and where her spirit comes from.


There is no hierarchy between doctor and patient here at Cross Care Direct—we are all here for the same purpose: to see you healthy. By outlining the benefits to DPC and relating some of her own experiences practicing medicine, Dr. Harris shows you the door to better health care. All you have to do is walk through it.


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