Patients tired of waiting


The Problem:

The angry scream of a child startles you from your daydream. The only other sounds in the waiting room are the rustling and coughing of the other patients. Two boys have been arguing for the last 45 minutes over the same toy. It’s clear that their mom is too sick to do anything at this point. With a shake of your head, you wrap your arm around your sick child. There’s nothing you can do but wait like everyone else.


Finally, they call you back but there is no joy to be had. Now you get to wait in a lone room with your child and you know it’s going to be cold back there. You hope to get the room with the comfortable chairs, those plastic ones hurt after a while.


Considering the experience so far you would think the doctor would treat you better. It’s not the case. The truth is, you like your doctor, but he doesn’t have much time to spend with you and is always in a hurry. And it would be nice if he would look up from his computer occasionally.


Before you know what happened it’s all over. You have a prescription for an antibiotic and a follow-up visit. Great, you get to do this all over again. You are not looking forward to it but that’s how it is, right?


Well, think about that for a minute. Why is it this way? Your doctor is nice and seems to care, the staff is friendly if a little rushed. What is going on here? Why does it feel like you have gone through a grinder; forgotten once processed? Is this how you should care for your health?

It’s because the experience IS a grinder. While there is a multitude of reasons, a major one is how insurance companies pay your doctor. Insurance companies will only pay doctors a certain amount of what doctor’s bill. This forces doctors to process more patients to turn a profit.


How many patients? The average insurance-based office has 2,300 patients. Your doctor would need an estimated 21.7 hours per day, every day, to provide proper care for that many people. No one can keep that up 7 days a week, so your health care declines.


So what does this all mean and what can you do?


It means insurance companies are forcing your doctor to double book appointments. You doctor cannot afford it if too many people miss their appointment. They need to have backups. That means long wait times as people are fitted into the extra minutes your doctor takes from you.


So, you understand how it works, what can you do? You must have healthcare to avoid fines and your family needs to see a doctor to stay healthy.


The Solution:

That’s where Cross Care Direct comes in. We use a different payment model where you establish a direct relationship with your doctor. It is a membership based system and likely costs less than what you pay now. This model is known as Direct Primary Care (DPC). DPC allows the doctor to have considerably more control over their practice and more time for you.

Because no insurance companies are involved in the process, Direct Primary Care offices only need to have around 500 patients. That’s a fraction of traditional offices! This allows a considerable amount of time to be spent on your health care.


The level of care you get at Cross Care Direct is nothing like an insurance practice. For example, Cross Care does not need to double book appointments so there is either no wait or a brief one. That saved time is spent in the room with Dr. Harris instead. There’s no rush and she can take as much time as you need to listen to you. She is not in a hurry and will not be paying attention to a computer instead of you.


Cross Care can also help reduce your primary care costs and maintain your ACA (Affordable Care Act/Obamacare) compliance. We offer members 24/7 access to Dr. Harris, next day appointments, and even home visits. Please contact us for details.


You don’t have to suffer the grind anymore. Come to a practice where you are never treated like a number. There’s a reason our motto is “Compassion, Respect, and Integrity”. We know our patients by name, their family history, and their conditions. They are a part of our family and we treat them like they deserve.


You deserve great health Care.


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