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Fate of the American Healthcare Act Rests in the Senate


Direct Primary Care (DPC) offers a clear path to primary medical care without fear of changes from new legislation. With every other coverage model using health insurance to some degree, DPC is the only model that can provide patients with consistent access, whatever the outcome in Congress.


Seven Years Coming


In their third attempt since January, and after seven years of stump promises to fight and ultimately repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act (aka Obamacare), House Republicans narrowly passed their newest rendition of the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) last Thursday. The bill moved to the Senate, where it is rumored that committees are already teeing to draft their own version of the bill.


Georgia Senator David Perdue is among those who support the AHCA as-is. The bill would repeal and replace Obamacare, and would make many changes to coverage eligibility. Most controversially, the bill would remove protections for pre-existing conditions.


Whatever the view on the AHCA and its outcome in Congress, there are new questions in coverage that we all need answered. Cross Care Direct uses the DPC model instead of traditional insurance, and can help patients get quality medical care independently of today’s political tug of war on our wellbeing.


What pre-existing conditions may no longer be protected?


A pre-existing condition may be classified as broadly as any condition which “existed before seeking coverage.” In the case of a lapse of insurance, the risk of an individual having developed the condition in that time can be considered a deciding factor.


With the removal of protections in Obamacare guaranteeing coverage access regardless of pre-existing conditions, insurance companies could grade a patient declinable or uninsurable for issues like congenital heart disease, anxiety, or cancer.


Companies willing to grant access to these otherwise “disqualifiable” individuals may revert back to pre-Obamacare models of “high-risk pools,” where patients with pre-existing conditions could only get access to healthcare coverage at a much higher price. And even then, there were waiting lists.


In a DPC clinic like Cross Care Direct, pre-existing conditions are neither considered nor classified.


What can I do?


As long as Obamacare is in effect, it is still federally required to have health insurance. The Senate may re-write the AHCA entirely, and we may be on the precipice of the new law passing which could mean a loss of insurance for as many as millions of Americans.


Regardless of the outcome, your health has to be taken seriously. Current costs, limited access to doctors and difficulty making appointments are not sustainable anymore. Obamacare reportedly exacerbated a growing shortage of physicians, and now the AHCA threatens to remove protections for patients with pre-existing conditions.


DPC is a model based on maintaining complete independence from the insurance companies—costs are lowered for patients and for doctors by operating without the hassle of filing and fighting for insurance coverage.


By paying a small monthly or annual fee, DPC side-steps filing insurance at all. DPC is the only model that removes itself from the equation of the AHCA, Obamacare and the rat race of insurance companies hiking prices either way. No other model allows for so much time with your doctor, and very few models are competitive with the low cost.


If you have wanted more face-time with your doctor, or are unsure what the changing healthcare landscape means for you, call us today!