I am nearing what I hope is the last full week of construction at Cross Care Direct’s new office. I was hoping to have the office up and running by mid April but everything that could’ve been prolonged and delayed has been. And I must admit as soon as I think I’ve covered all of the bases, another requirement to get the practice open presents. I remain prayerful that we will get into the office by the second or third week in May.

The good news is that my staff and I are growing more excited each day at the thought of finally being able to bring affordable, high quality health care to the area. We’ve had an incredibly fun time talking to folks in the community about the arrival of Cross Care Direct Family Medicine and the Direct Primary Care practice model. And we are extremely grateful to those who have already committed to being a part of this experience.

I appreciate everyone’s encouragement and I assure you I am working diligently to ensure the smoothest opening possible. We ask that you continue checking back for updates and bear with us as we move forward. We here at Cross Care Direct are committed to making your encounter with us a pleasurable one and will make sure it is well worth your wait. Until next time…

Dr. Harris