#CCDFamily last week we started a series of one-on-one interviews with Dr. Harris, and this week we’re excited to bring you the second video. If you’re already a part of the Cross Care Direct family, these videos could answer some of the questions you might not think to ask during an appointment. And for those who are learning about CCD for the first time, welcome!


In this second segment of the interview with Dr. Harris, you’ll learn a little more about how she came to believe in the Direct Primary Care model. It might not surprise you to learn that she started practicing medicine in a traditional healthcare system, administering care as an employee and passing costs through insurance companies.


In short time, Dr. Harris came to see the challenges in the traditional healthcare model as something that had to be improved. And so, she looked for the way to deliver the care she felt her patients needed.

Dr. Harris learned about Direct Primary Care


Dr. Harris was convinced that there would be a way to give better care. And she knew it wasn’t a question of her expertise, or her resources, but time and other struggles under the employee healthcare model. Working through insurance companies was what restricted Dr. Harris and her colleagues most of all.


The doctor researched her options, and uncovered a great deal. And then she learned about Direct Primary Care (DPC).


With over half a million people in DPC practices today in the United States, it’s surprising that legislators and insurance companies still seem to be barreling forward with little-to-no knowledge of this care model. DPC uses small retainer charges that cover basic services, give you cheap access to other services, and give you round-the-clock access to your doctor. And it doesn’t go through your insurance company for anything.


DPC is truer to the original model of medicine than any other; maybe you remember a few decades ago when direct payment relationships with doctors was the norm. But since then, health insurance has expanded from crisis coverage to the dominating force in the nation’s healthcare. Millions of Americans have been left with few options as a consequence.


Dr. Harris knew right away that DPC was the model she wanted to treat her patients under. She was ready to work for them and with them, directly.


Priorities under a better model


The DPC model gave Dr. Harris the opportunity to move forward with priorities that bring the greatest value to her patients and her practice. At Cross Care Direct, she provides superior care under the DPC model, and takes pride in educating her patients and clients about DPC as well.


These videos with Dr. Harris are another demonstration of the type of attention she wants to provide. No longer working as an “employee,” Dr. Harris has the time to devote to her patients, to their education, and to playing an active role in the community.


Throughout the end of this month and into the next, we’ll be publishing other videos of Dr. Harris’s interview so you can see what else she has to say. Stay tuned for the next one!