#CCDFamily welcome to the next installment of Your Doctor Talks interviews with Dr. Harris! This week, you’ll hear the short and sweet answer to what makes Cross Care Direct really different. Dr. Harris speaks directly to her experience leading up to Cross Care, and she talks about what’s changed since.


What’s surprising about Dr. Harris’s answer to “What makes Cross Care Direct different?” is how something that’s revolutionary today relates right back to the status quo forty years ago.


Doctors use to have direct pay agreements with their patients, and visits outside of office hours were common. Cross Care Direct gives that power back to the patient, and revives the most important aspect of medicine that many have forgotten: the best care is from your doctor who genuinely knows you, understands you, and works for you.

Part of the family


As a patient at Cross Care Direct Family Medicine, you become a member of the #CCDFamily. This might not happen overnight—it’s not something we give you a laminated card for. There’s no offer code or special club. This is just what happens naturally during your visits. Under the Direct Primary Care model, we’re able to spend the time with you where we get to know more than your blood pressure, your birthyear or weight. Providing you with the best healthcare means something more.


It may not happen overnight, but it sure doesn’t take much longer than that. You’ll know that you’ve become part of the family.


The other side of the coin


The more tangible impact that Cross Care Direct offers our patients is the reality that our services can save money. The financial component of the Direct Primary Care model is one of the most noticeable and impactful things that set us apart. DPC is better for our practice, too, but it’s for the access to our patients that we operate under this model.


In order to be there for you, get to know you as well as your doctor should, and give you access to the affordable healthcare you need, we choose to work under Direct Primary Care.


Through DPC, we work with you directly, and you are our focus. Your access to greater health and overall well-being are what we’re all about—because that’s what you do for family.


“Within these walls…we laugh…we love…we live.”

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